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Passionate TO Inspire Others

I had my first business when I was 20. It was a newspaper distribution franchise and I worked long and antisocial hours. But it was great. It was my business and I was the boss. All the effort I put in was rewarded with good sales and profit. I was responsible for how well I did. I managed my sales, marketing and staff. I loved it.


Then I sold my business and worked in the corporate world for 25 years. I gained loads of experience and honed my skills but it's the small business world that I enjoy. So, I now have my own business again, this time helping start-ups and

scale-ups realise and maintain their entrepreneurial dreams.

During my corporate career, I became a subject matter expert in all areas of Business Process Management which includes process optimisation and CRM. These process optimisation or "day in the life of" studies are greatly rewarding as they help teams perform more efficiently and give valuable time back to key personel to spend on customer service. This builds brand loyalty through positive customer interactions. 

Other services include:
Strategy - want to grow your business revenue and increase profit? Plan your strategy in 5 simple steps to win the market share you want. We can help you with our strategy workshop which fine tunes your aspirations and depicts your short/long term strategy as a unique, powerful visual mindmap.

• Innovation - customers don't just want excellent service, they want continuously improved service too! Innovation around technology, process, service and product gives you the competitive edge and keeps those important customers happy and loyal to your brand.

Working with start-ups - understanding their core business, developing and then implementing strategies for sales and operational success.

Operational efficiency - making sure that your operations are running as smoothly as possible to give you a solid foundation for growth. This includes all support functions, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution networks.

  • I'm a certified HP Innovation Coach

  • I'm a certified IBD Advisor and Mentor

  • I'm a certified Timekeeper 

  • I have a BSc (Microbiology and Genetics)

  • have a BSc Hons in Microbial Genetics

  • I have an MBA